Creating success: applying for a teacher training course

Gaining a place on an initial teacher education course is becoming increasingly competitive and it is not unusual to find three or four applicants for every place offered. We offer support for applying for a teacher education route whether it be primary, secondary, undergraduate, postgraduate or an employment-based route.

With over 20 years of experience in selecting applicants for initial teacher education programmes, we can help you improve your success at the application and selection stages by guiding you through the process:

We hold half day courses around the country (see below for programme of events) which we can also offer to 6th form colleges and Higher Education institutions for students considering a career in teaching.

For those wishing to pursue more independent development, you may find the forthcoming book ‘Creating success: applying for a teacher training course’ useful in supporting you from pre-application to interview. We also offer an individually tailored service for those wanting one-to-one support.

Apply for a course now or contact us to discuss your requirements

London, 24th November a.m.
More details [PDF] | Apply now
London, 24th November p.m.
More details [PDF] | Apply now
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